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Posted on 05/24/2020
How to Choose between HOA and Non-HOA
Image by Kirk Fisher from Pixabay Buying a home in a neighborhood with a Home Owner’s Association (HOA) works well for some families, while others find the HOA to be burdensome or intrusive. Learning more about what an HOA is, how it works and what to expect can help you determine if your next home should be in...
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Posted on 05/22/2020
173 Woodbury Avenue, Stamford, CT 06907 is now new to the market!
Definitely a great buy for the right buyer with a keen eye for value. Located on a quiet street in sought-after Springdale area & only a couple of minutes walk to Sleepy Hollow Park, this home offers 4 bedrooms, two full baths, living room with fire place, dining room & hardwood floor in most area of the first floor. This home also offers easy access to the Merritt and the Metro North line. Some TLC is needed. If you are an investor with the right crew looking for a fast turnaround or a handyman who does not want to leave Stamford, well this is for you. Agents take notice. It is very easy to...
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Posted on 05/17/2020
Give Your Home an Exterior Makeover
If you want to help your house stand out to prospective buyers, it may be beneficial to give your residence an exterior makeover. Because if your home boasts outstanding curb appeal, your residence could stir up lots of interest from potential buyers as soon as it becomes available. Now, let's take a look at three tips to help you...
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Posted on 05/10/2020
How Your Credit Score Affects Your Interest Rate
Image by Tierra Mallorca from Unsplash One of the most important things to check once you decide to start the home-buying process is your credit score. The three major credit bureaus keep track of how you pay for your credit and how much credit you have. Your score fluctuates, sometimes daily, depending on how much you owe and...
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Posted on 05/03/2020
Savory Carrot & Black Bean Soup
Photo by Bence Balla-Schottner on Unsplash Herbs, onions, celery and garlic infuse the carrots and beans in this soup with remarkable richness and character. This soup can be made with canned black beans, but we highly recommend using dry beans, cooked up with a clove of garlic and a dash of tamari. The beans will be splendid, filling...
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Posted on 04/26/2020
Bring Your A-Game to the Home Selling Journey
It generally is a good idea to bring your A-game to the home selling journey. Because if you fail to put your best foot forward, it may take many weeks or months to stir up interest in your residence. Ultimately, there are lots of things that you can do to generate interest in your home, such as: 1. Bolster...
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Posted on 04/19/2020
Common Reasons Your Home Isn't Selling
Photo by Designecologist from Pexels It would not be realistic to expect your home to sell immediately (though some do), but a home that has been on the market for longer than average may have some underlying issues that are preventing the sale. Learning the most common reasons that a home fails to sell, even when others are...
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Posted on 04/12/2020
Is Selling a Home a Good Idea?
Believe it or not, selling a home may prove to be a good idea. In fact, there are many reasons why selling a residence could be beneficial, and these include: 1. You can earn a profit from your home sale. If you have allocated significant time and resources to maintain your residence, you may find there will be lots...
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Posted on 04/05/2020
Mistakes to Avoid when Staging Your Home
Photo by Mark McCammon via Pexels Anyone who has ever gone out on a job interview or a date knows how important a good first impression is. First impressions can color the entire way we approach a person and environment. When it comes to your home, you want to create a positive setting that draws people in on...
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Posted on 03/29/2020
How to Build a Wood Storage Shed
Photo by Maksim Shutov on Unsplash Building a storage shed for wood can be advantageous for several reasons: it allows you to store your firewood properly. When firewood is dry, your fire will be warmer, smoke far less, and you'll burn less wood at a time -- and a shed with good airflow that is slightly elevated will...
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Posted on 03/22/2020
Reasons to Negotiate with a Homebuyer
For home sellers who want to accomplish the optimal results, it is important to remain open to negotiations with buyers. There are many reasons why home sellers should negotiate with buyers, and these include: 1. You can accelerate the house selling journey. If your mission is to sell your house as quickly as possible, you should be open to...
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Posted on 03/17/2020
9 Loundsbury Avenue, Norwalk, CT 06851 is now new to the market!
Great starter colonial style home, conveniently located near down town Norwalk CT, near shopping area and close to I-95 both and the Merritt Parkway. This property offers 1004 sq feet of living area, which comprises of LR, DR, kitchen with stainless steel appliances, 2 Brs, 1 bath, 3-season enclosed front porch, and first floor laundry room. It also offers a detached garage with a long driveway. This home is definitely a good condo alternative. One commission due and payable only at...
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