Why You Need To Sell Through A Listing Agent

by Guy Bocicaut Real Estate 07/21/2019

While it’s legal to sell your house without enlisting the services of a real estate agent, you will end up saving a lot of time and money if you get a seasoned listing agent in your corner. Here's how: 

Prepping for sale

Your agent will work to ensure you get the best value for your house. In light of this, they may suggest improvements upon inspecting the building that will make it more of an easy sell. In addition to boosting curb appeal, their suggestions will touch on making the home feel more safe and secure, such as additional outdoor lighting. Should major renovations be required, real estate agents are well placed to recommend reputable contractors for the job. They will also be able to point out zoning or housing code violations that need addressing.

Hassle-free process

While you may not know every little scrap of legal documentation that confirms the sale of your property as a legal transaction, your real estate agent will. They will guide you through getting all the paperwork in place before you put up your home for sale.

Getting the best price

Your listing agent will help you get a broader range of offers than you could get using your own networks. Having in-depth knowledge of the real estate dynamics of the region, they will know where to publicize your house to capture the eyeballs of your target buyer. They also share information with other realtors, including interested buyers, which could help you know the price range for your property. Real estate agents have networks and access to the Multiple Listing Services database which means your house will be seen by several buyer's agents whenever they search for properties in your locality.

As part of working in your best interest, your agent will handle negotiations with would-be buyers to ensure it sells at the right price.

Home viewing

Naturally, before anyone buys a home, they will want to walk through it from end to end, top to bottom. Most folks would rather do this with an agent instead of the homeowner as they will feel free to be objective about what they find unappealing.